the window meteor crater arizona

Meteor Crater, Arizona – 8

 THE ROCKS THAT MADE THE DAY: Our guide then went on explaining the types of rock formations found in the crater. On the outer rim one could find Coconino Sandstone (sandstone formed 265 million years ago); Toroweap Formation (limestone formed 255 million years ago); Kaibab Formation (dolomite formed 250 million years ago);and Moenkopi Formation (mudstone … Read more

Basics of Corporate Communication

In today’s cut throat competitive world, corporate communication plays a vital role in the health of the organization and its presence in the corporate map. Different industries require different standards of communication which can also differ from time to time and region to region. Let us analyze some of the basics of Corporate Communication.
Communicating with others is challenging to some, while it comes naturally to others. This is a quality that some people are born with, while some others chisel it to shine.

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Titir at Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater, Arizona – 7

THE HUMAN SIDE OF THE STORY : A Family Road Trip This time our guide turned out to be better than the previous person. The guide Samit had gone with was a grumpy, unapproachable sort but the second guide was a tall, reedy fellow with a pleasant twang and had a candid languor in him … Read more

Girl watching boats

East Europe Tour Plan for Slovenia and Croatia

By now you probably are aware that we as a family have this penchant for taking family vacations !! And in those little two-week holidays we try and work out the details beforehand as much as we can.  I do not favour travelling with guided tours or tour-packages and always love the independene that a unfettered tourist enjoys. This year,  my plan for my family vacation, was to go to Europe. I selected Slovenia and Croatia, for its landscape and nature. Check out my East Europe Tour Plan for Slovenia and Croatia. Though the plan wasn’t the same when it started, over time we built a different plan and we worked out the cost and the tour dates . This is a budget travel plan for Slovenia and Croatia.

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at the brink Meteor Crater,Arizona

ENLIGHTENING MYSELF : Meteor Crater, Arizona – 6

ENLIGHTENING MYSELF about the Meteor Crater: A family Road trip. Since the guided tour was still going on I thought I would enlighten myself a little more by reading the plaques. They had quite a lot of interesting tidbits related to the crater which helped in quality time -pass. During the 1960s, NASA astronauts trained … Read more

Cheap Air Tickets

Quick Tips for buying cheap air tickets

Are you planning for the next holiday or family vacation to some unknown city or to a far off country?  Have you started on the process of sorting out the details and planning the entire vacation, day by day ?The first thing to do once you have identified the destination and zeroed in on the dates of travel is to buy the air tickets. This comes first, once the basic length of the tour and the itinerary has been finalized. Find below a few things to keep in mind while you buy an air-ticket of your choice. Buying cheap air tickets needs some detail planning and one can use the tips suggested below in this post of  .

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Inside a Masai Mara School – VII

Experiencing a Masai Mara School : A Short Detour

We had our fill of African Safari Game viewing inside Masai Mara for the last two days and a half. Now it is time for us to be heading back to our Eco camp and on our way we took a short detour in order to visit a neighboring Masai school. We met the Vice -principal, (since the principal was away) and he spoke about the students, their backgrounds, the school, about the teachers and also about the grants and aids that ran the school. The Principal’s office was decorated nicely with charts and graphs illustrating the school’s progress. My wife, herself a teacher, was interested to join a class. So me, my wife and our 9 year old participated

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Meteor Crater, Arizona – 5

THE FIRST LOOK: There was an exit on the left which lead to the deck and to the three viewing posts on the rim of Meteor Crater, Arizona . One was  a little up to the north  and the one a little below was shaded so  I went to the middle one which protruded over the Crater … Read more

Bangladesh Map

Travel Restrictions for Bangladesh

Bangladesh lies to the eastern side of India, next to the Indian state of West Bengal and  is landlocked on three sides with India. The Bay of Bengal lies to the south of Bangladesh.

Somecountries through their foreign missions have sugested on some  Travel Restrictions for Bangladesh to people looking for a vacation or a business travel to Bangladesh. In the wake of some  recent religious fundamentalist movement inside Bangladesh,  and the fragile political canvas in the country, countries like US, UK, Australia,

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In Search of Hippos and the lone Lion at Masai Mara

In Search of Hippos and the lone Lion at Masai Mara  is the sixth episode of my account of our travels into Kenya. It was also  the third morning of our Masai Mara safari; and we were on the lookout for the Hippos  today. The earlier two days, we had had our share of Elephants, Lions, wilder … Read more

Meteor Crater, Arizona – 4

THE CRATER’S RISE TO STARDOM: Many factors have contributed to the popularity of the meteor crater in Arizona. Unlike the Vredefort which looks more like a valley, it is easily visible in one glance; unlike Chesapeake it is not submerged in water and thus beyond reach ; and unlike  the Sikhote-Alin craters, which look like … Read more

Extreme Hiking : Caminito Del Ray

Caminito Del Ray – Extreme hiking

Have you heard about Caminito Del Ray before ? Well I had never heard of this backpacking and hiker trip before. And the reason is that for the last 10 years the ribbon thin high altitude walkway  was closed and then under repair for another four years. Did you check out this travel option ? Can this fit into your Budget travel plan? It might, but surely not in your Family Travel plan for sure. It is , what I call, Extreme hiking !!

Do you have what it takes to take up this extreme mode of hiking and outdoors travel ? Here are some basic facts. Situated over the  Chorro Falls , near  the town of Ardalles in Spain (under the province of Malage – 62 Kms from Malaga city ) lies this Walkaway which was originally built around the begining of the 20th Century. It is about 100 meters from the ground and is about 3 Kms long from one end to the other.

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