Caminito Del Ray – Extreme hiking

Have you heard about Caminito Del Ray before ? Well I had never heard of this backpacking and hiker trip before. And the reason is that for the last 10 years the ribbon thin high altitude walkway  was closed and then under repair for another four years. Did you check out this travel option ? Can this fit into your Budget travel plan? It might, but surely not in your Family Travel plan for sure. It is , what I call, Extreme hiking !!

Do you have what it takes to take up this extreme mode of hiking and outdoors travel ? Here are some basic facts. Situated over the  Chorro Falls , near  the town of Ardalles in Spain (under the province of Malage – 62 Kms from Malaga city ) lies this Walkaway which was originally built around the begining of the 20th Century. It is about 100 meters from the ground and is about 3 Kms long from one end to the other. The width of the Caminito Del Ray hiking trail is a meter at most and there are no handrails , with only a wire at places to keep your balance intact. This is also a photographers delight.

Caminito Google Map
Caminito Google Map


This backpacking and walking trail also has acquired the nickname of “The King’s Path” after King Alphonse III walked  on it in early 1900 s once the walkway was commissioned.

Caminito Del Ray was originally created  as a trail to help the workers of the Hydroelectric Power plants by enabling them to travel betwen The Chorro Falls and Gaitanejo Falls.

There were quite a few accidents in the late nineties along with a couple of deaths. This lead to the Walkway being closed and sent into repair. The government ultimately closed this hikers trail and brought in plans to renovate the same. So now, after these years of renovation and fixing the odd trails, the bridge is open to the public.

Walk at your own risk. This trail  referred to as the most dangerous walkaway in the world.