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Footprints Forever ”  belongs to Samit and Anita Bhattacharya, and  is born from the love that they have for travelling, meeting new people, seeing new sights and visiting newer horizons, and to speak about it to the world.

Samit, is a photography enthusiast and an avid travel lover, enjoys the call of the unknown  and has traveled to twenty countries over five continents. He keeps dreaming of travelling to exotic and offbeat locations and has this special knack of working out the logistics and keeping the budgets on a leash.  Forlorn, off-beat locations, and pristine nature attracts him the most. This site also uses most of his photographs.

Anita, is an equal travel freak, who enjoys every moment of their travel days. When at home, she keeps revisiting the tons of pictures and videos accumulated over the last two and half decades, ones which she protects with her life. Her favorite TV channel is “Travel and Living” of which she never gets bored of. She is also a foodie, willing to gorge on most local delicacies that she can lay her hands on.

The couple have known each other for thirty years, and share other similar interests in Art, Music, Movies and Books. Now, as parents of a teen daughter Aishani, who is also inclined towards arts and anything creative, the family live their lives around the year with their eyes fixed on the next planned trip. 

Thanks for checking this site, and for being a part of their digital Footprints. They would be delighted to hear from you.

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Happy vanderlust !!! 🙂

Samit & Anita.