Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland Golden Circle Route.

Geysir , Gullfoss and Elves. Iceland Road Trip, Part 2

When I opened my eyes the next morning ,the rooms in the wooden cottage  at Uthlid Cottages felt hot . The heat was generated by the thermally heated floor of the cottage. I parted the shades and peeped out of the window. The sun was yet to rise, no sight of rain or clouds and the sky … Read more

Tbilisi, Georgia -Nightview

Tbilisi : Gateway to Georgia

It was the middle of March 2016, and it was the time to Travel. The annual school exams will be drawing to a close soon, and I was getting restless. I knew what it was, it is called the Vander-lust bug. And you know that you are suffering from it when the inner self starts speaking … Read more

5 Best Reasons to Travel

Why should you Travel ? Here are 5 best reasons to Travel !!

What are the 5 best reasons to Travel ?

I have always been a travel lover, right from my younger days. Travelling always hooked me with the joy of seeing new places and meeting new people, knowing new customs and understanding their different cultures.  The thought of taking a vacation always seem to bring that gaity in my step which isn’t so pronounced otherwise. I remember my parents as I say this , since they were the ones who hooked me up, nice and good, with the travel-bug or wanderlust, from a very young age.I mean … who doesn’t like a Vacation ?

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Girl watching boats

East Europe Tour Plan for Slovenia and Croatia

By now you probably are aware that we as a family have this penchant for taking family vacations !! And in those little two-week holidays we try and work out the details beforehand as much as we can.  I do not favour travelling with guided tours or tour-packages and always love the independene that a unfettered tourist enjoys. This year,  my plan for my family vacation, was to go to Europe. I selected Slovenia and Croatia, for its landscape and nature. Check out my East Europe Tour Plan for Slovenia and Croatia. Though the plan wasn’t the same when it started, over time we built a different plan and we worked out the cost and the tour dates . This is a budget travel plan for Slovenia and Croatia.

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Dubai Marina, UAE

Tips For International Travel


Travel to a new location every year. That’s a motto which many of us would like to live with. And now, with travelling becoming easier, information more at hand, and a general rising affluence among many, International destinations are a traveller’s wish. The attraction of the unknown, the challenge of the diversity pulls us to newer places every year. The dreams germinates slowly over time, pulling us with a promise of new adventures in far away lands , new places to go, new destinations to tread,  new things to experience and new food to taste. Ultimately we find out the time and save the money to temporarily hang up our work-boots for a couple of weeks and beat the city ? A few days in a warm island, or some road trip across unknown geographies or a solo backpack trek into the deep jungles? A vacation to some other exotic country?  

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