Rickshaw at Kathmandu

Lesser known jewels of Kathmandu

This is our first Guest Post written by  Roshan Budhathoki, from Nepal. Aside from the Durbar Squares, Stupas and Temples that most people know about, Kathmandu offers a lot of places where one could go. Here is a list of lesser known jewels of Kathmandu . 1) First off there is Narayanhiti Palace Museum, It used … Read more

Early Morning Sunlight at Nagarkot

Nepal Diary : Visiting Nagarkot and Bhaktpur Part II

  Yesterday, late afternoon, we had flown into Nepalgunj on a “Buddha Air“ flight and had checked into Hotel Poplife. ūüôā Now isn’t that a funny name ??  The flight itself was uneventful, except the first few minutes which gave me some jitters as the smallish ATR aircraft banked and wobbled while on its ascent over Kathmandu and across the … Read more

Kathmandu Thamel Street

Nepal Diary :To Kathmandu and beyond – Part I

There were seven of us, from Dubai, waiting at the Tribhuvan International Airport  in Kathmandu, Nepal for the Domestic Buddha Air flight to board for Dhangari. It was the 11th of December 2016, and we were travelling for a project supported by our employer Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority. Now, at Kathmandu, the same airport … Read more

Tbilisi, Georgia -Nightview

Tbilisi : Gateway to Georgia

It was the middle of March 2016, and it was the time to Travel. The annual school exams will be drawing to a close soon, and I was getting restless. I knew what it was, it is called the Vander-lust bug. And you know that you are suffering from it when the inner self starts speaking … Read more

Plitvice National Park: In the heart of Croatia !

If you have ever dreamt of hiking across a land of cascading waterfalls, streams and lakes, the greenery of the forest encompassing you, with the sound and sight of water running all around you and filling your ears all day, then it has to be of Plitvice National Park in Croatia. Now a major UNESCO World Heritage … Read more

Bohenj Lake near Kranjska Gora

Best of Slovenia Alps, Lakes, Caves, Medieval Castles and the Adriatic

Slovenia a hidden gem of Europe, is a small but  beautiful (ex-Yugo) Slavic country. It is bordered by Italy to the west, Croatia to the south, Austria in the north and Hungary to the north – north east. An earthly paradise , Slovenia has been gifted with a wide variety of locales and a natural … Read more

5 Best Reasons to Travel

Why should you Travel ? Here are 5 best reasons to Travel !!

What are the 5 best reasons to Travel ?

I have always been a travel lover, right from my younger days. Travelling always hooked me with the joy of seeing new places and meeting new people, knowing new customs and understanding their different cultures.¬† The thought of taking a vacation¬†always seem to bring that gaity in my step which isn’t so¬†pronounced otherwise. I remember my parents as I say this , since they were the ones who hooked me up, nice and good, with the travel-bug or wanderlust, from a very young age.I mean … who doesn’t like a Vacation ?

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Cheap Air Tickets

Quick Tips for buying cheap air tickets

Are you planning for the next holiday or family vacation to some unknown city or to a far off country?  Have you started on the process of sorting out the details and planning the entire vacation, day by day ?The first thing to do once you have identified the destination and zeroed in on the dates of travel is to buy the air tickets. This comes first, once the basic length of the tour and the itinerary has been finalized. Find below a few things to keep in mind while you buy an air-ticket of your choice. Buying cheap air tickets needs some detail planning and one can use the tips suggested below in this post of  www.footprintsforever.com  .

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Bangladesh Map

Travel Restrictions for Bangladesh

Bangladesh lies to the eastern side of India, next to the Indian state of West Bengal and  is landlocked on three sides with India. The Bay of Bengal lies to the south of Bangladesh.

Somecountries through their foreign missions have sugested on some  Travel Restrictions for Bangladesh to people looking for a vacation or a business travel to Bangladesh. In the wake of some  recent religious fundamentalist movement inside Bangladesh,  and the fragile political canvas in the country, countries like US, UK, Australia,

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