Travel Restrictions for Bangladesh

Bangladesh lies to the eastern side of India, next to the Indian state of West Bengal and  is landlocked on three sides with India. The Bay of Bengal lies to the south of Bangladesh.

Some countries through their foreign missions have suggested these  Travel Restrictions for Bangladesh for people planning on a vacation or a business travel to Bangladesh. In the wake of some  recent religious fundamentalist movement inside Bangladesh,  and the fragile political canvas in the country, countries like US, UK, Australia,Canada and New Zealand have issued travel advisory restrictions to people while travelling through the country. Though it has not been banned by these countries for its citizens to visit the country, but still they have been asked to take extra precautin in these troubled times and to adhere to these travel restrictions for Bangladesh.

The situation of the capital, Dhaka, is full of strife, nationwide strikes and
political hartals. We have also seen a few religious fundamental killings attacking people from the free press. The city has been thwarted out of gear with frequent bandha and religious protests. It includes independent bloggers, writers and publishers.

The general advice is to stay indoors after evening, not to hurt any religious sentiments of the citizens of the county, not to wear flashy clothes or jewellery, not to flaunt money or richess in this poor country, to wear moderate clothes when going outside or in public places, and to travel with a faithful local friend if you have one.

The below is from the UK Govt (Source :

There is a high threat from terrorism. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has claimed responsibility for the recent murders of two foreign nationals, an attack on the Shia community in which 2 people died, and a knife attack at a police checkpoint in Dhaka in which one police officer was killed.

Further attacks targeting westerners may occur and could be indiscriminate. You should be particularly vigilant, consider your movements carefully and take appropriate security precautions. Keep a low profile in all public spaces and limit your attendance at events where westerners may gather, for example in hotels or conference centers. See Terrorism