Meteor Crater, Arizona, USA : Travelogue


Visiting the Meteor Crater was not exactly on our priority list but we were going to Arizona from the Grand Canyon to my Dad’s place since he lived there and it fell on the way. This visit actually took place all because of my daughter Titir. She had this lesson in geography class on heavenly bodies where she had to do a project on meteors ….. while she was going through the internet for information she stumbled on this picture of the meteor crater in Arizona. Naturally she wanted to know if it would be possible to see the crater since it was in Arizona and we were going there. It seemed interesting enough to me too because it was something unique and different from the other places on our wish list! So I did some research; asked Rhonda if it was possible to visit and she replied in the affirmative. So that was it, the Crater was included in our travel plan.

Meteor Crater is a meteorite  approximately 43 miles (69 km) east of Flagstaff, Arizona, near Winslow in the northern Arizona desert of the United States.

We were on the last leg of our journey after just finishing off with the Grand Canyon and going towards Phoenix. Meteor Crater is a slight detour from Flagstaff towards Phoenix and the scenic beauty on the way is mindboggling. Arizona turned out to be one state where you can see pine trees, palm trees and cactus plants in one day. The colors of the rocks and soil change from red to green to yellow to white to grey and to red again .No words can describe the beauty of this experience. Though we had left the Grand Canyon miles behind us we still saw, from place to place, small canyons with tiny rivers meandering through them, as well as giant gorges made a long time ago by gushing rivers now non-existent. And the rain clouds that accompanied us were something which would inspire poets to write about on a rainy day-dark, heavy, brooding majestic , and well .. apocalyptic !!. Seeing them makes you feel as if your watching a scene from a disaster movie where the world is going to end any moment !

The way to the meteor
The way to the meteor

After all this changing scenery we hit a vast arid stretch of land …of course it was the Arizona desert but not at all like our deserts in Dubai. First of all it was different from the deserts of Dubai by means of its vastness –nothing can compare to that. In spite of being dry and immense there was no dearth of vegetation on it.

The more we came closer to the Crater the more arid the landscape turned out to be. Soon we saw the sign leading to the crater, and the parking lot –which was also marked-was visible from a distance but the crater itself was not at all visible from outside.

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