Tbilisi : Gateway to Georgia

It was the middle of March 2016, and it was the time to Travel. The annual school exams will be drawing to a close soon, and I was getting restless. I knew what it was, it is called the Vander-lust bug. And you know that you are suffering from it when the inner self starts speaking to you, when it starts to become vocal every time I was left to myself.  Six months have passed since I had made the trip to Europe and  no doubt the immense hours spent in front of the travel channels, different web sites on travel, Virtual tourist of which I am a long standing member, and the blogs that seemed to spring at me every time I opened the net to browse.The voice started calling me at all odd hours of the day, pervading the innate stillness that I live in. The urge to see another new land kept tugging at the shirt tails. Hardly a couple of weeks left to decide.

Well I have been doing some thinking and collecting some information. It isn’t the time to spend a hefty amount on a tour, like the kind we did last September. I mean the world and my employer don’t look kindly at their staffs travelling around places like Paris or London every six months. I guess it hurts their sense of imposed mediocrity for their employees, and I wouldn’t like that to happen at this moment of time when the world is going through waves of economic volatility.

Well, to let you in on a secret, I have been able to save a small little amount over the last two winter months. I understood that the urge has been keeping growing every day and thus the need was sure to come. It came as soon as the the exams concluded.


Georgia Calling !!

Just a small flight away from Dubai, Tbilisi : Gateway to Georgia seemed the perfect extended family weekend destination. The more I dwelt on this country the more it fascinated me with its rich history, abundant heritage of a thousand years and its nature !! A land of Carpathian mountains, sweeping valleys, tranquil lakes, and snowy peaks. Georgia calling !! A quick search and some word-of-mouth references also told  us that it isn’t a costly land as some other countries of Europe are. Thus we quickly went back to our notepads and quickly jotted down a quick tour of Tbilisi and added some sightseeng attractions of Georgia around its capital. Travelling became imminent.


There is one nice organization promoting some locations here in Dubai , promoting a few rather unconventional travel spots and their pricing looked fine. Though they advertise silly rates as a lucky deal, it is more of a marketing ploy as we soon found out. The deals went in 25 seconds after the clock activated the deal, as three of us, office colleagues sat hooked to our laptops and our credit cards flashing on our desktops to get a hold of such a deal. We couldn’t  !!

Soon we found out that there were some Travel Packages where you can decide on your hotel of choice, your own travel dates and travel duration and the costs comes to a bit over what we could have got throughh the “deal’.

The coming week, after some more reaserch on getting the costs down and planning and working on a budget trip, myself and a good friend of mine got our seats booked through FlyDubai into Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia,

Incidentally, we now keep seeing a bit of promotion for Georgia here in UAE and Dubai. It has become a very viable travel destination and the attraction is gaining momentum amongst the travel lovers  in this sun-soaked desert of a country as we later found out.

The travel bug started to sing louder now !! 🙂 Below is a photograph of Tbilisi, Georgia taken during late evening.
Tbilisi ClockTower