My Iceland Travel. Guide for a dream destination

In case you have included Iceland in your wish list too, here in this article you will find everything needed to prepare you for a trip to Iceland. Information you need to plan for an Iceland Road Trip is here, and so are some of its Secrets.

Where to travel in Iceland ?

Iceland, a land of untamed splendour, forbidding and alluring is probably the last civilized country to offer such uninhabited beauty in both its stillness and its turmoil. The minimum time frame needed for a complete tour around Iceland is two weeks. This means driving all around the island nation on Iceland’s Route #1. The central part of Iceland is the Highlands area and is not navigable from October to May. It is here that Vatnajokull, the second largest glacier of Europe, covering 8100 square Kms is located. To the west lies the capital of Reykjavik, and to the eastern end of the country lies the small fishing harbour town of Hofn.

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Free Country

Uthlid Cottage Backyard, Iceland
Uthlid Cottage Backyard, Iceland