Visit these countries with B1/B2 US or Schengen Visa.


A visit to a foreign country always starts with a visa. But in many cases, you may be able to visit a country without a pre-approved visa too ( or with an On-arrival Visa) and this depends on the strength of your passport or your nationality. Citizens of Singapore, South Korea, Germany and Japan are the most fortunate ones since these countries stand at the top of the Passport Index. Among the least fortunate ones are Syria, Pakistan Iraq and Afghanistan. As for me and fellow Indians, the ranking of an Indian passport as of March 2018 stands at 73rd in the world. India stands with a visa-free score of 57. Here is a look at the World Passport Index in March 2018. Now here is what you can do to increase your Visa-free score. Increase your passport power. You can check the details here.

How to increase your passport power ?

So firstly let me explain  what is a B1/B2 visa. Both the B1 and B2 are temporary non-immigrant visas. While the B1 visa is for business travel ,the B2 visa is for pleasure. In many cases a B1/B2 visa is also issued. These visas are usually long term multi entry visa for the United States of America. A B1/B2 Visa is usually issued for a period of 10 years and allows you generally to reside in the United States for a period of 180 days max ( but this depends a lot on your immigration officer as you enter the country). One more tip : You do NOT need to have a specific trip/ itinerary planned for an US Visa. and you can apply even if you do NOT have any definite plans to go to the US. The complete list for US Visa Categories can be found here : [btn text=” Check US Visa Types” tcolor=#F00 bcolor=#99A500 thovercolor=#006090 link=”” target=”_self”]

So now if it gets you interested, here is How to apply for an US Visit Visa .

Once you are equipped with an US Visa ( B1, B2 or B1/B2) , quite a few doors open to you as a citizen of a less fortunate nation. Many of such countries are happy to rely on the US /Schengen Visa process to accept you as a short stay / tourist traveler into their country. Generally they allow you a period of 30 days to stay and travel within their country. Most of them also check that your Schengen Visa or US visa is Active, some of them rely on a multi-entry Schengen Visa. You also need to have a passport with at least two free pages and six months validity before they let you in.

Such details can be studied at the link given for every country that I could study.Below is a list of countries which recognizes an US Visa or a Schengen visa or Both.  Here a word of caution: In some cases you may find that the particular country requires you to travel to USA once with the Visa in order for them to grant you visa-free entry. There is a link in many of the entries below for you to check it out .  Happy traveling !! 🙂


List of Countries allowing entry to B1/B2 and Schenzen Visa Holders : [icon icon=icon-star size=14px color=#000 ]  As of Apr 2018.

Below are Links to respective Consulate / Embassy pages for the different nations!


Visa Status

MEXICO Valid US multi entry Visa for a period less than 180 days. Click Here
GUATEMALA Indian travelers holding valid USA, Canada or Schengen Visas in their passports do not need to apply for Guatemalan Visa. Click Here
PANAMA Any multiple entry visa with a remaining ONE year validity from ONE of the following countries: USA, Australia, Canada, or United Kingdom, and one which has been used at least one time. Click Here
EL SALVADOR and HONDURAS Free for Indian travelers holding valid multi-entry USA, Canada or Schengen Visas. Click Here !
COSTA RICA Free for those with a tourist visa, a visa for crew or a business visa (multiple entry) from United States of America or Canada. Click Here
COLOMBIA Waived for certain nationalities having valid US Visa. Click Here
PERU Entry for Indians and Chinese passport holders with valid USA, UK, Canada, Australia or Schengen Visas. Click Here
Waived for those having valid US and Schenzen Visas. Click Here
BAHAMAS Free with US Visa but a restricted country list applies . Click Here
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Waived for those having valid US, Canada and Schenzen Visas. Click Here
BERMUDA, PUERTO RICO, SINT MARTEN Waived for those having valid B1/B2 or L1/L2 US Visa. Click Here
CHILE Chinese Nationals with B1/B2. Click Here
TURKEY B1/B2 and Schenzen Visa holders can apply Online for a single entry E-Visas valid for one month. Click Here
ALBANIA, SERBIA Visa waived for persons carrying valid US or Schenzen Visas. Click Here
MONTENEGRO Visa waived for persons carrying valid Multi-entry US or Schenzen Visas. Click Here
GEORGIA Visa waived for citizens or 94 countries and also for persons carrying valid Multi-entry US or Schenzen Visas. Click Here
MACEDONIA Waived for persons carrying MULTIPLE entry short stay Schengen visa, UK, Canadian and US Visa. Click Here
Bosnia and Herzegovina  Tourist Entry for for 30 day with multiple entry Schenzen Visa. Click Here
CROATIA Visa waived for persons carrying valid multi-entry Schenzen Visas. Click Here
Singaore   96 Hour Transit Visa for Nationals of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and India with B1/B2 or long term Visas from Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom. Click Here
OMAN  E-Visa for 1 year for B1/B2 nd Schezen Visa holders. Click Here
QATAR  30 days electronic Travel Authorization for B1/B2 and Schezen Visa holders. Click Here
SOUTH KOREA  30 day visa for Transit Tourists for B1/B2 nd Schezen Visa holders. Click Here
NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS Tourist entry for for 30 day with multiple entry B1/B2 VISAS.  Click Here
GUAM  Tourist entry for for 30 day with multiple entry B1/B2 VISAS. Click Here

This information will be periodically updated