Do not venture out at night. Elsamere camp, Kenya

We were staying at Elsamere Camp at Naivasha , Kenya. This was in Nov 2011 and we were here after a two day Masai Mara safari tour. The camp is absolutely THE place to stay when you are in Naivasha. This is not only because of its locale or the ambience, but also because of the history associated with this WWF conservation center.

But once the sun sets in across the Naivasha Lake, the ambience of camp gets a little eerie . I was enjoying the sights of the lake and the forests all around as I sat on the lawn adjoining the main building. It was the time to sip a coffee and listen to the sounds of nature and the whistling of the wind among the trees. The flowers all around fill you with the fragrance and a lazy day comes to an end. With the light dwindling, the ears starts picking up sounds of birds and other animals as they slowly come to life all around you.

Dinner is served at 7 pm and it is advisable to walk the short distance between the lodges and the central hall with an escort – guard.

Do not venture out at night inside Elsamere camp at Naivasha  and try to stay indoors. There is a post which says “You are a guest, Animals aren’t.”

The reason is quite a few animals stroll inside the camp after sundown and none of them are Pets.
A couple of security gurds patrol the camp at Night. Common Animals which are visible include:
Giraffes, Zebras, Gazelles, wild hogs, Hippos and Rhinos. A couple of times there has been reports of a Lion’s presence inside the camp too. Be aware.

The lamps which illuminate the narrow porches and the walkways also leaves a lot of darkness to your imagination.

The night we were there a strange sound got us up at night around 1 pm. Stealthily I tiptoes to the door and moved the curtains. A couple of zebras were there, about a meter and a half from the steps of our cottage. But they pick up sound even when it almost isnt there. And thus within a minute , they picked up our whispers as we were trying to get my 8 year old up from her sleep to see them so up,close and personal.

In a flash they were gone, leaving us yearning for more.