From Masai Mara to Scenic Lake Naivasha, Kenya- Part I

Driving to the Scenic Lake Naivasha, Kenya
After our short safari trip to Masai Mara , our plans were to travel to Lake Naivasha, Kenya. Basically we had two more days  in our budget travel calendar, and the choice was either to go to Lake Naivasha or To Lake Nakuru. Both of these locations are around a huge lake which offers boat rides and is a haven for bird lovers. We chose Lake Naivasha, not only for its scenic beauty and wildlife but also because it holds a special place for book lovers and movie buffs.

The ElsaMere Camp at Lake Naivasha was the original residential quarters for Joy Adamson and formed the backdrop from which “Born Free” was born. You can read about it here ..
Now Naivasha is about 90Kms from Nairobi ,which translates to about an hour and a half of travel time. Lake Nakuru is about 160Kms from Nairobi which translates to close to 3 hours of travel by road. As you drive down from Masai Mara and cross Nairobi , at a distance of 50 kilometers is the small town of Maimahiu. From MMU, the road branches off left towards Lake Naivasha and the distance is is about 35 kilometers into Naivasha town. The other branch leads you to Lake Nakuru.
The town of Naivasha is about 2 kilometers further up from this T-Junction from where the picturesque road branches off again and leads us to Naivasha Lake.  The town has a few hotels but they are mostly used by local traders and business men. Mind you , it can get pretty loud at night with a few revellers enjoying themselves. I will suggest not to stay at the Naivasha hotels if you are a family traveller or a woman backpacker. Look for the Naivasha resorts or eco lodges.The distance from this T-Junction to ElsaMere Camp ( the Naivasha resort where we stayed) on the slopes of Lake Naivasha is about 14 kilometers and takes about 12-15 minutes of a picturesque drive to reach.
The roadsides are dotted by Flower Nurseries and Greenhouses, and a few Worker and Labour Camps. Some more resorts and hotels also can be seen on either side of the road.


Soon we arived inside the main gates of the park and drove upto the reception. The lady checked us in and showed us to our little cottage about a hundred metres down from their central unit. The central unit houses a memorabilia center, Joy Adamson’s art, the dinign hall with the pantry, and the adminsitrative ofice too.
Every evening , the center screens the movies ” Born Free” and “Living Free” for its guests.
My then eight-year-old daughter enjoyed the movies  !!  🙂