Reaching Tunganath

Though the Chopta to Tunganath trek is open for most times of the year, however my suggestion would be to take this during the months of March  Mayor the months of  September October. The weather during these months are better and is suallly not known to have much rains. Though we did have a rainfall , but that was got a half hour or so and it painted a rainbow for us on the snow covered peaks.

Reaching Tunganath :

Our last rest was about a km away from Tunganath at the last wayside tea-stall. The trek gave us  majestic sight of the peaks of  Panchchuli, Kedarnath , Nanda Devi, Nilkanth mountain peaks on a clear sunny day .Hands were feeling numb, faces were taught with the chill and noses were getting moist and running by then. I was getting out of breath every couple of minutes, and had to take a breather at every corner and turn. At about 10am we finally reached the holy site of Tunganath.

And God !!! 23What a place! A small temple by most standards, with a full rock structure Tunganath lies nested in the Himalayas with Chaukhamba, Kedarpeak, Hati parbat and other ranges bordering it. The temple inspires mixed feelings of reverence, love and piety in your heart. And no doubt it surely represents the abode of Lord Shiva. On one side of the temple runs a valley and the other side a rocky mountain peak. Nestled amidst this, lies the small temple compound with adjacent Mandir committee rest house (you can hardly call it so) and other deities and a few shanties for food and shelter about a hundred mts away. The skies had just started to turn a little misty and cloudy when we reached and so we parked ourselves at Sujan bhai’s eatery for food and hot tea.

This is the 2nd part part of the 3 part article on Tunganath and Chandrashila. You can begin reading it from here

Sujan Bhai (brother) ran an eatery a little downhill from Tunganath. The only food joint of this mountain cliff he served us steaming dal (lentils soup) and chappatis ( Indian tortilla bread) with some Indian vegetable curry. That is all available in this desolate mountain cliff and your choice is to eat here or stay famished. We chose the former.

We had already decided to stay at Tunganath for the night, as our plan was to enjoy the view of the snow capped horizon all around from Chandrasila the next morning. We had a steaming hot bath in the chilling cold, and offered our prayers to Lord Shiva, the most revered Hindu Gods and for whom Himalayas is the abode. With our religious activities over, and still the rays of the sun falling sweetly on us,we took our time to explore the surroundings. By then we were getting accustomed to the cold and chilly wind, and feeling a lot better. About a kilometer away we could see the Himalayan Research Center.

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