ENLIGHTENING MYSELF : Meteor Crater, Arizona – 6

ENLIGHTENING MYSELF about the Meteor Crater: A family Road trip.

Since the guided tour was still going on I thought I would enlighten myself a little more by reading the plaques. They had quite a lot of interesting tidbits related to the crater which helped in quality time -pass.

During the 1960s, NASA astronauts trained in the Meteor Crater, Arizona to prepare for the Apollo missions to the Moon. Maybe that was why the Apollo boilerplate command module was kept in the patio …for future use –this time to train for MISSION MARS!!

One placard read: ‘On August 8, 1964, a pair of commercial pilots in a Cessna 150 flew low over the crater. After crossing the rim, they could not maintain level flight.

This is the 6th installment of my travelogue on Meteor Crater Arizona, part of our family road trip through the states of Arizona, Texas Utah and Nevada in western USA … You can read it from the beginning. Click Here ….

The pilot attempted to build up speed by circling in the crater to climb over the rim. During the attempted climb out, the aircraft stalled, crashed, and caught fire. It is commonly reported that the plane ran out of fuel, but this is incorrect. Both occupants were severely injured but survived their ordeal. A small portion of the wreckage not removed from the crash site remains visible to this day.’ So the plane which showed as a tiny dot was not just put there as an exhibit.

our wonderful guide .meteor crater arizona
Our wonderful guide .Meteor Crater , Arizona

I stood in front of the crater for a long time. Many tourists were doing the rounds and the place was seldom vacant for long. I enjoyed the diverse crowd and could hear their thousand and one impressions and reactions on seeing the crater. In between I also got my time of solitude when there was nobody around but me- when I could sit and enjoy the novelty of the place. Though I felt somewhat lonely I savored the isolation.

I saw the entourage coming and went to meet them. On the way I met Rhonda and Dad. They assured me that they had seen Titir with Samit and I also told them that I too had seen them together. Just then another tour was leaving so I simply went to join that one.

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